DJMAYA to release his annual New Years Eve Mix this week!

It’s the release of the year! DJMAYA releases his 1 1/2 hour mix of the hottest tracks of 2016. This is the mix you want to start playing at 10:30PM no matter where you are in the world to start your New Years eve countdown. Stay tuned for the post where he releases the mix and download link.

DJMAYA Releases His 1st Ultimate Dancefloor Workout Mix!

Yes, now you can follow him from the nightclub to the gym. This mix is nothing but 130 beat per minute pure HEAT coming through your headphones to POWER you through your workout.

It’s available to listen to now for free by following this link to DJMAYA’s official website. It will be available for purchase and download shortly for $2.99 at DJMAYA’s online store. DJMAYA will be donating 100% of the proceeds from your purchase to charity, specifically targeted to childhood cancer.

DJMAYA is asking everyone to listen to this mix, open their heart this holiday season and contribute to charity. By purchasing this mix you will get a great workout and help a child somewhere in the world.

“Have a happy and safe holiday season!” – DJMAYA

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