• Karma Kid - Man Of The Year
  • Party In Mykonos (Bernasconi and Jonez Remix)
  • Hold On (Siege Remix)
  • Never Give Up (Club Mix)
  • Honey, I'm Good (Wideboys Club Mix)
  • Carbon Copy (Second Version Extended)
  • I Feel You Tonight (Extended Mix)
  • So F--kin Romantic (Dirty Version)
  • Turn It Up (Extended)
  • The Night Is Young (Bodybangers Remix)

DJMAYA Biography

Born in Hollywood and raised as a native of Los Angeles, California USA, I have been surrounded by music my entire life. My love for music expands across all genres, and led me to develop and perfect my DJing and mixing skills at a very young age. When performing in night clubs, concerts and private events worldwide I’m known and have a reputation for my famous “Club Night Mixes” that keep dancefloors packed and deliver high energy excitement.

When not performing live, I’m in my Los Angeles based studio selecting and mixing the most current and powerful dance and club tracks. I prefer to stay on the leading edge of music so that my audiences and followers know that they are hearing music that is always new and fresh. I consider myself a progressive DJ, one who always wants to bring the excitement to a dancefloor by exposing dancers to hot NEW tracks that amaze and keep them dancing until they can’t take it any more.

My philosophy on being a professional DJ – “I am an artist. The dancefloor is my canvas, the music my paint and the turntable my brush. I paint the dancefloor with spellbinding mixes, rhythms and beats. Every one of my live performances is unique, unlike all the ones that came before it.This is my motivation, and it drives me to practice relentlessly to perfect my art and achieve new heights each and every day. To be prepared, and to be the best that I can be when the curtain rises to reveal my ultimate performance.”