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  • It's never to late to follow your dreams! https://t.co/oadfMgsswX3 months ago
  • Now are those high watered pants or low cut shorts this guy is wearing? https://t.co/cD9uIDNTu23 months ago
  • Nice concept - while the DJ is mixing music the truck is mixing concrete and or mixed drinks. What will they think… https://t.co/XIBpssUhqB3 months ago
  • Same thing applies to amateur family photographers, videographers, etc. If the event is really important to you hir… https://t.co/Opgdk9B90G4 months ago
  • Only one word can describe this person - STUPID https://t.co/BxZM4KA8eS4 months ago
  • Comment if you remember these days! https://t.co/GNUFZbGF2j5 months ago
  • I'm going ape #### over this! https://t.co/Xdg5JlPkG75 months ago
  • I like this guy! https://t.co/CBiGY8ucRz5 months ago

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